Expert’s Advice on How to Write an Essay in One Night

The following scenario is probably too familiar for you: There’s an important paper due the following morning and it’s now 6:00 PM and you haven’t started a draft or even an outline. There’s no magical time-turner or time-machine you can rely on to save you, so the only thing you can do is pull up your bootstraps and get to work. When faced with this seemingly impossible scenario you might find this night essay strategy very helpful:

  • Step 1) Ask Yourself this Question: How Much Do I Have to Read?
    Hopefully, you answered is nothing because you have already read the material, which means you only need to review and highlight the most important information of your night book essay. If you do have some material still left to read then only stick to the absolute necessities and only scan the material rather than do a deep read.

  • Step 2) Create an Essay Outline Using Your Resource Material
    Use your notes to quickly create an essay outline to guide your first draft. Outlines will organize your thoughts and keep you from getting too far off track as you get into a writing flow. Always keep the outline close by for easy reference.

  • Step 3) Write the First Draft in a Single ½ Hour Writing Session
    Don’t spend too much time writing the first draft. Get this done within a ½ hour in a single sitting. Don’t sweat the small stuff like grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes, just keep writing and get your thoughts down on the screen.

  • Step 4) Take a Short Break before Making Your Essay Revisions
    Next, take a break after writing that first draft. Even a few minutes away from the screen and anything having to do with school will help your mind reenergize and regain its focus, both of which you will need when you start making revisions.

  • Step 5) Edit and Proofread Your Work with a Fresh Mindset
    Finally, don’t forget to edit and proofread your work in its entirety. These too should be done with a clear head, so if you can afford to give yourself a few extra minutes of rest before starting, do so. The end result should be significantly better than that you would have submitted without this last step.

These five steps should simplify the process for writing a last minute essay assignment. But if you have other responsibilities to attend to or simply don’t have the time and energy to write your night book essay, you should consider going online and hiring professional help at US Essay Writers. This service is among the most trusted and promises to deliver a well-written, last-minute assignment on any topic.