Persuasive Essay Writing Prompts: Top 15 Best Ideas

The persuasive essay is used for many reasons, most often to inform a population of a formerly unknown or newly discovered piece of information. They can be quite convincing and indeed, this is one of their most identifiable traits. The persuasive essay can be found in many different applications, academic studies, social releases or government and political publications.

To begin writing any paper, you first need a topic and they can be more tricky to find that you may think. A topic must contain many important traits, traits that can make the difference between composing a successful, well received piece, or a paper that no one wants to spend the time to read. Consider the following topic options to help you avoid this undesirable outcome:

  1. How could we live in a society where a person is judged based on factors that they cannot control? The only progress that we should be aiming for is social progress, a world where each individual has the same rights as any other.
  2. More people should be applying to make the trip to mars, in hopes of setting up a human colony there. As a species, we cannot stay bound to just one planet, any day in the future, we could loose it all.
  3. The difference between a good person and a person that does good is that one is not fooling themselves.
  4. We should not allow ourselves to be swayed by the images of popular entertainment media. We are much more than pretty colors and catchy phrases.
  5. We do not make use of our resources effectively. Young people should start learning about the virtues and importance of recycling from a young age.
  6. Falling in love is a trick the brain plays on us to convince us of the need to procreate, in reality, we are all just following Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  7. Holding hands is not too much public display of affection.
  8. All theme parks displaying caged animals should be closed down.
  9. It is unfair to short persons when they are refused entry on rides at amusement parks.
  10. Famous actors are not the best candidates for romantic relationships
  11. Being poor has its benefits.
  12. People that love dogs are often kinder, happier and more humble than those that don’t.
  13. Modern music is nothing more than make overs of old hits.
  14. The entertainment industry is running out of ideas.
  15. World War III may happen sooner than we think.