10 Compositional Ideas for an Argumentative Essay about Technology

A great compositional essay on technology should always present some fresh idea or perspective that explores some new area within the discipline. You need to present ample supporting evidence that comes from reputable academic and government resources. It should also leave room for others to push your work even further. Below are 10 great ideas for an argumentative essay about technology:

  1. Is the current use of food goods that have been genetically modified safe for human consumption in the long term? Do you think that it will eventually become a primary source of our required nutrition to maintain optimal health?
  2. Do you believe technology has changed the way we learn? For instance, are books becoming obsolete in the educational system? Has technology improved the way students learn and retain information or has it made it more difficult to keep up?
  3. Has the rise and increased use of technology in our daily lives increased the instances of mental illness? What should be our biggest concerns when more technology is being introduced in classrooms and study methods now require it for success?
  4. In terms of solving world problems, especially those that lead to starvation in densely populated problems, what is the most useful technology being used? How are investment companies paving the way for more technology to be built?
  5. Are college-aged students still in touch with the latest technologies or are children, under 12 for instance, more inclined to take on new technologies and succeed in today’s fast-paced world that values the latest information technology tools?
  6. If people have access to genetic testing how and when should they be allowed to use the information for health benefits? Should private companies have the right to purchase and possess this information for financial profit?
  7. How can first world and economically-leading countries help make technology accessible to other parts in the world where the latest tools are not available? What are the most important currently needed that prove to be the greatest benefit?
  8. Have digital tools made people more or less productive in school and in work? What skills are getting lost because of the fact that people are no longer in need of doing things on their own but are instead relying on technology?
  9. Does video game technology really assist in keeping soldiers safe from forward violent zones? For instance, how has the use of drones lowered the amount of military personnel and innocent civilians? Does the expense outweigh the benefits?
  10. Should parents be allowed to know and use the genetic information of their children? Are there any ethical questions preventing medical entities from allowing people to freely use such genetic information to help? When writing an essay about technology, don’t forget that should strive to open up new dialogue among your classmates. But any opinion you do present should always be backed up with verifiable facts and supporting evidence. Always keep opposing opinions in mind and you’re sure to score high on your assignment every time.