15 Best Biology Extended Essay Topics

It’s hard to come up with interesting and unique biology extended essay topics for a school assignment. And if you don’t have the time to brainstorm ideas you might not come up with a well-developed idea before your assignment is due. We’ve created this list of great biology extended essay assignments on a variety of topics for free use:

  1. Describe the research histories of curable diseases which were at one point incurable. What kinds of studies were needed to come to this point?
  2. Is there such a thing as a healthy diet or healthy way of eating that most people are ignoring but would be beneficial to a majority of the population?
  3. Taking an in-depth look of human brain and its evolution, how have certain phobias developed from genuine fears meant to protect people from dangers?
  4. Should more sleep research be conducted to find biological remedies that can be healthier alternatives to dangerous or addictive medications?
  5. What are some of the effects of the photosynthesis process when done without using natural sunlight? Is this better or worse for farmers and the community?
  6. Is there any biological evidence in support of alternative medicines for the treatment of incurable diseases? Why won’t the health community research this further?
  7. What biological evidence supports the idea of finding a cure for aging? Would these studies have any benefit for regenerative tissue research?
  8. Do genetics play a role in determining sexual preference? If so, is there in supporting evidence to suggest that parents may one day want to control this?
  9. Should people be asked to join a national blood bank registry to protect them should injuries require transfusions as well others who require the process?
  10. What kind of influence do human genetics play on our lifespan? What about our health and/or psychological characteristics and traits?
  11. Analyze and evaluate the current standards for storing cow’s milk as it is intended for sale and mass consumption? What risks do people face?
  12. Is there such a thing as biological hypnosis where patients can heal when placed under controlled hypnosis by a professional?
  13. Are there any special mental ties between twins? What biological studies have been conducted in the last half century to prove or disprove this belief?
  14. Does biology present any potential solutions to treat eating disorders? How can this be applied to regular health regimes in people who have developed disorders?
  15. What are the major connections between the body and brain? How does one affect the other and what does this say about current medicinal practices?

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